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Friday, 7 February 2014

05. Visual development: Miki Montlló

Now that we finally had the funding in place we could start to gather our motley crew, and Miki Montlló was first on the list. 


As i said from the start this blog is as much about the crew who made the film as it is about the making of the film itself, so rather than explaining the thought process behind the design of the characters just yet, in this post I want to concentrate just on Miki's contribution to the film.


As you'll remember from post 01 Miki created some of the original pitch artwork for Phil while we were working together in Cartoon Saloon, long before the film was ever funded.


So for the first month of pre-production I moved into Miki's studio in Dublin. He was working on the first volume of his comic "Warship Jolly Roger" while I worked on some sculpts and designs for the film.

Miki was a slightly different case than the rest of the crew in that I knew I wanted him to work on the film from very early on, and after spending months listening to me talking about the story and inspirations over beers his short time on the film was more informed coming into it than alot of the other crew. 


Even though Miki was only able to take one week off the comic to work on the film you can see he did some great artwork ranging from the two main characters to the environments. 


The fact that it was just the two of us in the studio and we had a very short time frame also meant that we could concentrate on getting as much out of that one week as possible. It forced us to boil down our decisions to what we wanted to see from the script and quickly brought up issues in the visual storytelling i knew needed to be stronger and also things that people expected from the visual storytelling that i wasn't interested in showing.


In the next post I'll be talking more about my exploration into the characters during the design process!

And to see more of Miki's artwork and his comic you can check out his facebook page here:

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